Friday, 19 March 2010

these prints are not how they appear...

some of my favourite pieces from the Whitworths, 'The walls are talking' exhibition, these digitally printed wallpapers looked interesting and intricate from afar, but on closer look many had suggestive images, bodies, genitals and wombs that all related to conception and childbirth. one of the best exhibitions I have seen in a while, good to see examples of what I'm doing in my own work.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Swing tag ideas...

Inspiration for my collection- quirky prints on sharp suits, a-la-DKNY.

Love the mix up of smart tailoring with playful prints, the shapes are easily wearable for day or night, give a sort of sexy twist on an androgynous look. a perfect city look.

illustrating my ideas..keeping it fluid, movement.

With these illustrations i was just experimenting with different ways of displaying my design ideas/prints..I was playing around with different poses, to display this 'quick change', reversibility. i think as well as having my figures in movement, it would be interesting to create a kind of shift within the background, ie, city scapes, bars clubs, night

print ideas...Reverse side. Abstract, for nightime,playtime.

print ideas..mice repeat-illusion of florals.

print ideas..beetle links repeat-illusion of stripes.